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About Renee Taglia

Renee is a Master Colorist with 14+ years of experience. She has an established clientele in Los Angeles as well as her native Chicago, where she travels monthly to service her many loyal clients. She was recruited as an educator for Wella Salon Professionals which provides her the opportunity to teach in salons all across the United States…
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Recent Blog Posts

Inphenom: The Best Hair Product Line You’ve Never Heard Of

September 25, 2016

As a Master Hair Colorist, I have the pleasure of having access to many different product lines and hair products. While I love some of the products from the hair product lines that are pretty much household names, I...

Best Caffeine Substitutes for Healthy Hair

September 16, 2016

I absolutely love coffee and I most people I know can’t go through their day without their usual dose of caffeine. If I am not careful, however, I can overdo it with my daily intake. If you’re like me...

Age-Old Hair Remedy: Castor Oil

September 9, 2016

Everyone  wants longer, healthier hair- there isn’t a single client who sits in my chair that doesn’t. However, for most, the exposure to chemicals and many years of heat styling has made it so that attaining this goal is...

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