Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Aging For Your Hair

Your hair and nails help protect your body by regulating temperature and keeping it steady. As you age, your hair and nails begin to change, just like the way your skin does. Hair shows signs of aging in a few ways. Obviously, hair color is probably the first sign of aging you will notice. Discovering your first gray hair can be a very traumatic or liberating experience—I celebrate both (you do you). Hair color is due to a pigment called melanin, which is what hair follicles produce. Follicles are structures in the skin that make and grow hair. As we age, the follicles make less melanin and this causes hair to gray, which can begin as early as your 20’s. Along with the loss of melanin, it often loses density. Hair is made of protein and a single hair has a normal life between 2 and 7 years. The hair then falls out and is replaced with new hair.  Over time, our hair strands become smaller and have less pigmentation. So the thick, coarse hair of a young adult eventually becomes thin, fine, light-colored hair. Many hair follicles stop producing new hairs altogether. Those who know me, know I go high and low to find the best products, tools and tips to improve your hair strength and density. Here are a few of my tips I recommend to my clients, but I also swear by for my own strands.


Alright ladies and gentleman, I completely understand that there are times when we need to turn to boxed beauty products from the drug store. In fact, next week’s blog covers affordable hair care products from the drug store.  I have a few cosmetics that are perfect dupes to my high end products. When it comes to hair color, you pay for what you get. Boxed hair color is a one-size-fits-all formulation that will not cater to your specific skin tone or features. The color is typically flat with little to no light reflection, leaving you looking more tired and stressed than your shining self.  Since there is no actual formulation, box dyes contain extremely high dyeloads and maximum alkali levels- leaving your hair overly stressed.  I only recommend the direction of a professional hair colorist to formulate  a precise procedure using professional haircolor that takes into account your hair’s natural melanin, texture, tone and texture along with skin tone. Hair color formulated to you is imperative to look like the best, most youthful version of yourself.  What age does your hair say? 



Increasing your hair density is a great way to turn back the time in the hair’s aging process.  When it comes to creating a healthy environment for increased hair growth, it is important that you take an inside-out approach—Especially when it comes to your hair. Men may start showing signs of baldness by the time they are 30 years old. Many men are nearly bald by age 60. A type of baldness related to the male hormone testosterone is called male-pattern baldness. Hair loss may be at the temples or at the top of the head. Women can develop a similar type of baldness as they age. This is called female-pattern baldness. Hair becomes less dense and the scalp may become visible.  As you age, your body and face also lose hair. It all starts from being healthy on the inside the actual follicle.  Not all hair vitamins are composed the same.  I recommend a balance of vitamin b, biton, and seleniumNutrafol for Women and Men has these three ingredients in levels that promote increased hair growth. They have worked miracles on my clients, particularly those who have needed big time hair repair.  Eyebrows and eyelash volume will increase as well.



Your hair is actually a good reflection of your overall health—because the truth is, they both go hand-in-hand (or should we say, comparing the two would be splitting hairs?). Dr Rajesh Rajput, aesthetic and hair restoration surgeon, notes that long-term hair growth requires starting from within. Now that you’re taking your vitamins, getting a good night’s rest and choosing nutrient-dense, healthful foods, it’s time to get that body moving. That’s right, exercise can positively affect your hair growth and ultimately help you look younger. It’s common knowledge that exercise improves blood circulation, but many people don’t realize that this includes your skin and hair. Livestrong has reported that regular exercise can even prevent hair loss by improving blood flow to your scalp. Sweating is also an excellent way to clear the toxins that build up in your scalp, leaving way for healthier hair to grow. To enhance your zumba moves, try incorporating a relaxing massage scalp. Not only is it incredibly relaxing after a workout, it’s useful in promoting hair growth.

We all aspire to stay as healthy and youthful as possible.  It seems like a great idea to just slather your hair with chemical-harmful dyes or engage in a quick-fix diet. The reality is, these approaches are simply not sustainable. It takes a holistic approach from the inside-out. Hair health affects your overall appearance unconsciously. Take a strand and make smart choices for your one and only head of hair and scalp. With a little bit of patience and determination, I promise these changes will grow on you.

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