The Weather & Your Hair Color: Vegas Edition

The Weather & Your Hair Color: Vegas Edition

The life of a Wella Educator is an ongoing adventure. Constantly traveling to different cities keeps me in tune with changing trends, seasons and varying details that ultimately influence our hair!

My latest trip to Vegas proved to be not only a teaching, but a learning experience. The first steps I took outside in Vegas I was literally blown away at the out of control winter and cold temperatures. This time of year is usually a bit chilly in Vegas, but nonetheless, it was shocking!

Salon Bellagio


I made my way to Salon Bellagio to teach my first class. The lobby was decorated adorably with Lights and Thanksgiving Decor.  I always love teaching at the salon.

My second class was at Canyon Falls Salon. The stylists are super talented, and the salon has the only walk-in extentions Hair Salon in the entire state. Amazing!

Canyon Falls Salon


From merely people watching from the airport arrival and departure I noticed an over whelming number of women walking around with extremely brassy hair, which makes total sense due to the bright sun shine during the day.

Bottom line: wind and sun have harsh effects on your hair; the sun inroads the outer cuticular layer and the wind absorbs all of the natural oils your hair produces.

My prescription for Vegas, as crazy as it sounds, hats are an absolute must all year round for the ultimate protection again wind and sun effects.

education in vegas


On that note, hats off to Vegas! Cannot wait to go back!


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