Up Level Halloween with Temporary Hair Color

Up Level Halloween with Temporary Hair Color

It’s almost the end of October and that means one thing: Halloween! I have always loved Halloween, but even more so since becoming a master hair colorist. You see, as a master hair colorist, I love creating and witnessing transformations which Halloween is all about. My heart skips a few beats when someone wholeheartedly commits to this night of make-believe and mayhem by going all out with their costume, not overlooking a single detail.

Of course, “not overlooking a single detail,” means you need your hair color to come into the mix as well. You can’t be on point about your costume and makeup, but completely overlook the most important factor in how you look: your hair. Nasty wigs don’t cut it these days because they destroy the integrity of the costume (as you have probably gathered, I take Halloween pretty seriously).

I know that it’s hard to commit to a hair color 180 for just one night. I mean, being a flamingo for Halloween is great, but you don’t want to be one the other 364 days of the year. This year, I have a beautiful solution for you: Temporary Hair Color. A completely safe alternative that disappears after you 5-15 washes. I highly recommend it for those of you who truly want to play this Halloween. Below I’ve listed three things that make Temporary Hair Color awesome:

  • Its temporary!!! Forgive me for being obvious, but I just don’t see a bigger benefit. Temporary Hair Color opens up a whole new world because the number of costumes you can truly pull off expands x 100! You want to be Katy Perry for Halloween? Well, nothing says Katy Perry more than hair color so bright it rivals My Little Pony. Think you’d make a perfect Wednesday Addams? Wednesday isn’t Wednesday without hair color that is darker black than the darkest night. Keeping it low key and just going as a cat or lion? Up-level that costume by making your hair color the same as the animals main! I can go on, but I think you get the point.

special effects halloween hair color

(My stunning model, @vividvivka, from a recent shoot)

  • Temporary Hair Color will not effect the hair color beneath it. I would never make a recommendation that would damage the health of your hair and dull your hair color. Temporary hair color live outside the cuticular layer of your hair and last about 5-15 washes.

special effects halloween hair coloring

(A look you may recognize if you follow me on Instagram – if you don’t you should start, @reneetaglia – how cool would this be for Halloween night?!)

  • This isn’t just for Halloween, Temporary Hair Color is wonderful for those of you who have been dying to try out some of the fun pastel shades we’ve bee talking about, but are hesitant to commit. Now you can channel your inner Nicole Richie with that killer shade of blue she’s been rocking.

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