Top Three Hairstyle Trends

Top Three Hairstyle Trends

Nothing brings out a gorgeous hair color like the perfect hair style. The day’s of long waves being the only hair style trend are long gone and in its place are a plethora of hairstyles that range from fun and funky to sexy and sophisticated. Below are a few of my absolute favorites:

The Lob: It’s funny when you think about it- what was once written off as the dreaded “in-between” phase is now a full on hair trend. I am loving this look on the likes of Kendall Jenner and Rose Byrne, just to name a few. You can play with your lob cut by switching up the part as both middle part and side part look fantastic. The lob is the biggest trend right now because it allows you to have malleability with your hair and play with the texture by wearing it in lose waves, curls, or stick straight.

Braid-waves: For everyone who dreams of those beachy waves no matter what time of year, this look is for you. I am finding that the overall trend’s in hair are veering off of the use of hot tools and leaning toward more natural methods and top-notch products. Case-in point is this hair trend which enables you to ditch the curling iron and achieve those perfect waves all in a nights sleep. Simply braid freshly washed and dried hair prior to going to bed and gently brush out when you wake up in the morning. The final look will resemble something close to this.

The Wob: A.K.A. the wavy bob, popularized by none other than Jennifer Lawrence! I love the wob because it is such a deviation away from the stick-straight bob styles we are so used to seeing. This variation is a more lived-in, texturized take on short hair (and the current trends are all about texture). Rocking the wob also gives you an automatic edge and overall cool-girl vibe.

What are your favorite hair style trends?

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