Top Picks for Hairsprays

Top Picks for Hairsprays

I’m from Chicago and it’s true what they say- it really is the “Windy City.” Naturally, this spells out disaster for your hair as the high impact of heavy wind does not take kindly to long locks. Yes, I am a Master Hair Colorist, but my connoisseur status has developed more out of necessity than my expertise with all things hair-related. Below are my top picks for hairspray’s that get the job done while maintaining the health of your hair.

Best for healthy hair:

Stylbrid 9 by Sebastian is ideal if you are serious about maintaining hair health. This magnificent product helps bring out the natural shine in your hair and compliments with an additional touch of sleek. It also provides maximum hold and volume all the while protecting your hair from UV and heat. is the perfect primer – for sleek looks with natural shine and hold, defined curls, texture and volume.

Best for maximum hold:

Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray is an ideal option for strong winds, even the mighty Chicago wind. I love recommending this hairspray to clients who need their hair to hold all day. It is ideal for red carpet events, photo shoots, weddings, etc.

Best smelling: For a romantic night when you require your hair to hold, but you also want your hair to smell like heaven, opt for Oribe Hairspray. It’s a lightweight option and it leaves your hair soft (perfect for running your fingers through). It also smells so good that you will want to use it as perfume.

Best for every day use: My choice for the practicality and function of your day to day is Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray. For all intents and purposes, this hairspray is as classic as it they get. What I love most about is that I actually control the level of volume of my hair when I use it, so it is a versatile option for many hairstyles. It is light-weight and it doesn’t make your hair feel stiff which is wonderful because you don’t have to wash your hair as frequently.

What is your favorite hairspray? Let me know in the comments below.

Renee Taglia is located in a Beverly Hills California. Contact her here for a consultation on how to discover (and keep) your perfect color.

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