Three Tips for Instantly Healthy Hair Using Hair Color

Three Tips for Instantly Healthy Hair Using Hair Color

Last week was the conclusion of my blog series, Master Colorist’s Fall 2015 Hair Color Trend Forecast. This was a bittersweet event for me because I can talk about hair color trends all day, however, I am just as excited today to introduce a video series that I loved being a part of: AOL’s HAIRapy!

I loved doing this series for a many reasons, but the fact that I got to give knowledge about hair care and use what I have learned in all my years as a Master Hair Colorist to help others takes the cake. There is nothing more satisfying than turning that chair around and witnessing a look of complete happiness on my clients face.

In this episode, our lovely guest, Carole, is facing a problem that is all too common among women today: She simply does not have the means to touch up her hair color every six to eight weeks, so she resorts to doing her hair color herself. As a result, her hair is in a state of complete disarray. Carole certainly isn’t alone as this might just be the most common predicament hair colorist’s hear on the daily.

The good news is that there are a few simple hair color tricks and hair care methods you can incorporate that will make your hair look healthier instantly and buy you time in between visits to the hair salon. Watch the video below then read my Three Tips for Instantly Healthier Hair Using Hair Color:

  • It might seem counterintuitive, but a fresh hair color treatment (with a hair colorist who knows his/her stuff, of course) is actually a great solution. Adding color molecules to your hair gives hair structure and makes hair look healthier than it is.
  • Keep it low maintenance by working with your natural hair color. If you know that it is going to be difficult for you to touch up your hair color due to schedule, finances, etc, you definitely want to stick to a color that works with your natural tones. This is great because it enhances what you already have and allows you to spend the time in between salon visits paying more attention to making your hair healthy rather than maintaining the hair color. Make sure to voice this to your hair colorist the minute you sit in the chair.
  • Gloss treatments don’t just give hair shine, they actually improve the health of your hair. The gloss acts as an instant deep condition by return texture to your hair for instant moisture and silkiness. It also helps make hair more manageable so you’ll have to spend less time tampering with hot tools at home. Bonus: Intermittent gloss treatments in between hair color treatments are a great alternative to a six week touchup because they give you that “just done” look and they are less expensive- who doesn’t love that?


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