These Hair Color Trends Will Be Huge in 2016

These Hair Color Trends Will Be Huge in 2016

As soon as the ball dropped, the predictions started pouring out. The what’s what and who’s who of 2016 is up for the taking. What do you think will steal the show for the hottest hair color trends of 2016?

When it comes to Hair Color Trends, 2015 saw a lot of diversity. From subdued pastels to rainbow roots, unnatural hair colors definitely had their time in the spotlight. That will continue this year, but with a new edge. I’m also feeling an evolution of Ronze and Rose Gold, not to mention some gorgeous natural painted on browns and blondes. Keep reading to find out more!


Playing up fashion’s hottest colors: Pantone’s Hair Colors of the Year were definitely heavy hitting on social media, and many of our favorite bloggers have already begun to serenade the colors with outfit and hair/beauty posts. Even Sephora created a line featuring the baby blue and baby pink hues. We can definitely expect to see more of this when it comes to hot new hair color trends of 2016.

Pantone Hair Color Trends of 2016

hair color trends 2016, color hybrids like Bronde

Reddish tones and hybrid colors: Ronze and Rose Gold were among the top of my list last year, and this year we can expect these tones to become even more dominant. Haven’t experimented with your perfect shade of red yet? 2016 might be the perfect time to try! We will also start seeing more mixes of colors, or “color hybrids” like Bronde (a mix of brown and blonde).

All Natural Hair Color Trends - Blondes & Brunettes 2016

All Natural: Blondes & brunettes will take on a more natural look in 2016. Painted in highlights in a complimentary range of shades will be woven in throughout the hair, creating some gorgeous color dimension. The Buttery Blonde trend from last year will get a littler more caramel-y.

Wishing you a gorgeous 2016!





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