Spring Cleaning For Your Hair

Spring Cleaning For Your Hair

Spring is such a magical time in Los Angeles- everywhere you look the tree’s are sprouting flowers as if overnight and the city is filling with so much beautiful color. After weeks of hopping from one plane to the next, I am happy to come home and be witness to the first days of my favorite season in [one of my] favorite cities.

The changing of season brings with it a necessity to change your routine and this is even more pertinent for the spring season because we are slowly transitioning from the winter chill to the summer heat. In my years as a Master Hair Colorist I’ve learned that consistently healthy hair means being flexible with your hair care routine so that it matches the demands of the environment.

Here are my top tips for how to care for your hair as we transition into the warmer months:

  • Deep condition: It works like clockwork each year, as soon as the weather gets warmer the demand for lighter hair color increases ten-fold. I totally understand wanting sun-kissed strands to match the mood of the season, but going lighter can be taxing for hair if you don’t take the proper steps to ensure hair health- it can leave your hair completely devoid of moisture. I highly recommend deep conditioning your hair often and especially prior to going lighter. The conditioning agents will be present in your cuticle throughout the procedure and will help protect the hair through the lightening process. My favorite product for deep conditioning is the Inphenom Superior Treatment Effect Hair Care Treatment hair mask; it works wonder! I can’t sing the praises of this hair products and this hair care line in general, it’s packaged magic!

(DIY hair care tip: Coat your hair- avoiding the roots- with coconut oil and hit the steam room or a heated yoga class. The heat will activate the and work the oil into your strands leaving your hair silky and shiny. Do this once a week).

  • Spring cleaning for your hair: Go through your hair products, toss out all the very heavy products and replace them with light hydrating products- a hydrating shampoo, hydrating daily conditioner, nourishing mast, leave-in spray/cream, light hold mouse, cream or spray. These products are perfect for the hot conditions of the spring/summer months and will not weigh your hair down making it look greasy and hard to style. Hard holding products cause buildup leading you to have to have to shampoo prematurely making your hair (you guessed it!) dry and harder to style.

(Hair care fact: Light-hold styling products, more often than not, have anti-humidifying properties).

Do you have any questions about products and hair care tips for spring? Leave them in the comments below.

Renee Taglia, Master Hair Colorist

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