Sorry Blondes and Brunettes: “Ronze” Is 2015’s Hottest Hue

Sorry Blondes and Brunettes: “Ronze” Is 2015’s Hottest Hue

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When awards season kicked off with the Golden Globes, there was one thing that seemed to stand out even more than the red carpet itself: the specific shade of red hair that adorned the head of many of the A-listers in attendance. Yes, several of the stars in question have been redheads before, but this iteration was different. It was the undeniable manifestation of a new trend in hair color—one where classic red meets rich, bronzy-brown undertones in a hue we’re dubbing “ronze” (when red meets bronze—and you heard it here first).

The super-glossy hue has hints of copper and auburn, with all the makings to be the “it” color for 2015. If you don’t believe us, or if you’re considering becoming a ronze convert, just click through for all the inspiration you’ll need. Trust—these photos will make a lifelong blonde ready to go ronze. 

Kate Mara - Ronze hair color

Kate Mara | PHOTO: Getty Images

Julianne Moore - Ronze hair

Julianne Moore | PHOTO: Getty Images

Jessica Chastain - Ronze color hair

Jessica Chastain | PHOTO: Getty Images

Emma Stone - Ronze color hair

Amy Adams - Ronze hair

Amy Adams | PHOTO: Getty Images


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