Rodeo Drive Salon

Working at a Rodeo Drive Salon

What’s it like working at a Rodeo Drive Salon? The distinguished Beverly Hills neighborhood can be welcoming to some and make others feel like Julia Roberts in the scene from Pretty Woman. A Hair Colorist typically doesn’t just walk into a Beverly Hills Salon and start working with the rich and famous. The key to making it as a Hair Colorist in Beverly Hills, especially on Rodeo Drive, is to be brilliant at your craft, maintain positive and beneficial relationships with your team and your clients, and to put your image as a Celebrity Hair Colorist out there in a chic and reputable manner.  In addition to that, the very best Hair Colorists always work on improving themselves and helping others improve their craft as well.

Best Hair Salon in Beverly Hills

Celebrity Hair Colorist Renee Taglia services her upscale clientele at one of the best hair salons in Beverly Hills, Gavert Atelier. The hair salon is located in the Golden Triangle Area right across from the  prestigious Beverly Hills retailer, Neiman Marcus. Because of its fine reputation and prominent location, the salon draws in posh guests from all over the world, most of whom become regular clients. Once you’ve found the best hair salon, there’s no point in looking elsewhere! At Gavert Atlier of Beverly Hills, Renee Taglia works alongside some of the best hair stylists and hair designers in Los Angeles, but she is the go-to hair colorist in Beverly Hills/ Rodeo Drive area.

Professional Hair Color

What makes the quality one can find in Beverly Hills so much better than the rest? You might know that coloring your hair at home is never a good idea. DIY hair dyes can be tricky, make a mess and leave your hair damaged. It’s always better to choose a professional hair colorist. If you want to have shiny, healthy hair, let an expert hair colorist take care of your locks.

Renee Taglia is not only a top Celebrity Hair Colorist; she is a Wella Educator, and Renee makes sure every client has the right tools to care for their hair, even when they are not in the salon. Renee provides excellent service at the Rodeo Drive Salon, and will color your hair to perfectly match your skin tone, eyes, and most importantly, your personality.

Long Way from Beverly Hills? 

That’s ok! Set an appointment with Master Colorist Renee Taglia well in advance, so you can plan for traffic. Take a day and pamper yourself in Beverly Hills with a hair cut, color and blow dry. With Renee’s expert color skills, your hair will shine like a celebrity’s in no time!