Easy New Year’s Resolutions Your Hair Will Thank You For!

Easy New Year’s Resolutions Your Hair Will Thank You For!

How did the New Year’s Resolution get such a bad rap? Setting lofty personal goals may work for some, but I recommend tweaking your every day habits for the better, little by little. It’s a great way to love making your New Year’s Resolution again, and not to mention, making it last!

There are so many little things you can implement into your life that will eventually equal something big! New Year means breaking out of old habits, and doing something not just good, but GREAT for yourself.  When it comes to your hair, make sure everything that touches your hair is good for it.



Here are a Few Ideas for New Years Hair Resolutions

Something super simple and healthy that you can do for yourself, right off the bat, is to implement a shower filter into your home. Your hair will truly thank you, not to mention, healthier always equals happier! Make this one of your New Years Hair Resolutions this year.


I recommend Aquasana’s Shower Head Filter to ensure the water you’re using every day is not harming your hair in the long run. Not only will you reduce your hair and skin’s exposure to harsh chlorine and synthetic chemicals that can cause damage and excessive drying, here’s a list of more benefits that come from using a shower filter:

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Another easy New Years Hair Resolution you can try is replacing your current spray with a panthenol product for hold. I love Sebastian Stylbrid 9.


From heat protection to adding volume and texture, this multi-benefit hairspray sure packs a punch. Paraben and alcohol free, the lightweight styler and treatment hybrid also offers curl definition, UV protection and enhances natural shine.

I hope these 2 easy and inexpensive tweaks will make a big difference in your hair health and overall love of 2016!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Renee Taglia, Master Hair Colorist


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