My Ronze Exclusive for The Colorist is Out!

My Ronze Exclusive for The Colorist is Out!

On Monday, one of my major goals as a Master Hair Colorist came to fruition: My exclusive was featured in The Colorist. For those of you who don’t know, I have been a hair colorist (and after living and breathing the craft, a Master Hair Colorist) for over fourteen years. Throughout that time one of the publications that I read (and still read) to inspire me and keep me in-the-know was The Colorist, so clearly this is a very special moment for me. This article extremely fun to do because there is a video component included (I love doing video). Together with The Colorist and my incredible team of models and camera geniuses we put together something very special- check it out here. You can also purchase the hard-copy where you will see my article on page 18.

ronze article by renee taglia

The article is centered around one of my absolute favorite trends for Fall/Winter: Ronze. Now that the weather is sufficiently chilly it may inspire you to take the leap and try the color out for yourself. Below, I put together a quick list of reasons why this Ronze has so much staying power well into the merriest season of all.

ronze hair color trend


mater hair colorist teaches ronze

  1. As a Master Hair Colorist what makes a shade a winner is its versatility. Ronze is and extremely versatile shade, it can work on literally everyone.
  2. Ronze is the perfect shade for this season because it compliments the cold weather so well. It is a fresh take on the darker Fall/Winter colors that we typically see during this time of year.
  3. Ronze is daring yet still oh-so-elegant! There are very few colors that satisfy both criteria and Ronze is one of them. In my years as a Master Hair Colorist, I have known this to be a major challenge for many of my clients and Ronze is a solution that is anything but basic.
  4. Ronze is not a very saturated tone which means that as it starts to fade out it still maintains integrity and looks natural.
  5. As a Master Hair Colorist I have essentially trained myself to be extremely sensitive to recognizing nuance in color. I am always seeking to translate inspiration in my environment into gorgeous shades of hair color. My inspiration for the various formulations of Ronze that I mix for my clients come directly for the gorgeous sunsets we have in Southern California.

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