My Favorite Ways to Spend the Fourth of July

My Favorite Ways to Spend the Fourth of July

One of my absolute favorite holidays is the Fourth of July- possible do to my love of fireworks, the beach, and hot weather. This holiday to me signifies the official beginning of summertime and all the glory that comes along with it. I’ve had some pretty memorable Fourth of July’s throughout the years, and throughout time have truly come to understand my favorite ways to celebrate. Below is a list of my top ways to celebrate the Fourth:

Personal Spa Day: At times, I love spending my holidays in sweet solitude. This is probably due to the fact that I am around people all the time for work, and- being a natural extrovert- this is something I quite enjoy, but even I need my downtime. As I see it, holidays are the best days to get this much needed R&R in. I love to treat myself to a full blown spa day at my favorite hotels around town (The Montage, Four Seasons, etc). I book a massage, a facial, a body wrap, and just spend the entire day is plush robes and complete and total relaxation. I like to end my day with a good book and a great movie, or if I am feeling the need for some social interaction, a delicious dinner with friends is always the way to go.

BBQ: The Fourth of July is the ultimate holiday for a backyard BBQ with your best friends! Such a fun time to get together, enjoy the warm weather, sip on some chilled Sangria, and have the time of your life. It’s the perfect opportunity for long and fulfilling conversations and making new friends. I generally like to get together with my friends in the early afternoon and spend the entire day goofing around and having fun.

Beach: The beach is always on the menu as far as I am concerned. I absolutely love being by the water, digging my feet into the sand, and marveling over the beauty of the sea. While it can get a bit crowded on the Fourth of July, there are gorgeous stretches of beach in Southern California that are private and clean. Its like being in paradise for the day, lounging in the sun, and ending the night by watching gorgeous fireworks- this is my idea of magic!

What are your favorite ways to spend the Fourth of July? Let me know in the comments below.

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