Master Colorist’s Fall Hair Color Trend Forecast Vol. Three

Master Colorist’s Fall Hair Color Trend Forecast Vol. Three

Hello lovelies,

the third hair color trend for Fall 2015 is extremely vibrant and perhaps the most Fall-forward hair color of all: Rusted Red. This year’s reds come in an array of gorgeous, customizable shades.

Rusted Red is the rarest of all hair colors so it is very much a head turner if formulated correctly. Unfortunately, it is also a hair color that has gotten a bad reputation over the years because many hair colorists do not know how to properly formulate this hair color for each individual. I remember a client telling me she hated red because it brought out the yellow undertones in her skin to a jarring point. She had to change her entire makeup routine, including foundation, because nothing she owned matched how “yellow” her skin looked. I felt terrible for this client because going to the salon to get your hair color updated should be fun and leave you feeling sexy and confident. As a master hair colorist, it is top priority for me that my clients leave my chair feeling like they can take on the world.

If you want to try the Rusted Red hair color trend for Fall 2015 I highly recommend it. Don’t let your decision be dictated by a bad experience that you have had in the past. The important thing you can do to avoid another mishap is to find a hair colorist who understands the nature of formulating Rusted Red for individual skin tones. Rusted Red is definitely not a one-size-fits-all hair color. Rusted Reds include Copper Red, Red Brown and Red Violet, a hair color range large enough that it allows 100% customization for a wide array of skin tones. When a hair colorist formulates it properly Rusted Red has the potential to enliven your skin by giving you a youthful appearance, brightening your eye color, and giving the hair itself incredible shine.

Check out the photos below to see some of my most recent Rusted Red clients:
rusted red 1

 Model: @missmaddog
rusted red main
Model: @hipstercalligraphy

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