Master Colorist’s Fall Hair Color Trend Forecast Vol. One

Master Colorist’s Fall Hair Color Trend Forecast Vol. One

We are now well into September and the official first day of fall is less than two weeks away. As a master hair colorist, fall is definitely my favorite season because it brings with it rich, luscious hair color trends that I love. This fall, in particular, brings with it the most gorgeous shades I have seen in a long time and I can’t be more excited to share them with you. With each blog post for the next two weeks I will reveal a brand new hair color trend for the fall season that has celebrities, influencers, and the beauty community buzzing.

This weeks hair color trend incorporates a fresh spin to a cold weather classic: Deep Mocha Brown. This cozy, delectable hair color is sultry, sexy and adds a touch of warmth to the chill outside. The key to a great Mocha Brown is adding dimension to the hair color to give hair buoyancy and avoid a flat, dull appearance. Adding dimension with various brown shades creates incredible plays of light for a thicker, more voluminous look. Another amazing perk to Deep Mocha Brown is that the shades are customizable to a variety of skin tones as demonstrated by the models below:


On Relationship Expert, Arica Angelo (Instagram: @thearicaangelo), I customized a Deep Chocolate with a pop of color just underneath her part. This is ideal for the person who is looking for a low maintenance hair color because there won’t be a pronounced line of demarcation as the hair grows in.


Lucia Porcayo (Instagram: luciaaaa21 ) is rocking my personal favorite version of this hair color trend: Cherry Chocolate. The hints of red make this a very rich hair color perfect for those who already have warmth in their skin.


On Chammy (Instagram: @instacham), I dipped into two hot hair color trends  by combining Caramel highlights with a hint of Rose Gold. The play of color with this combination brightens her face and accentuates her eye shape and color.

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