Master Colorist’s Fall Hair Color Trend Forecast Vol. Four

Master Colorist’s Fall Hair Color Trend Forecast Vol. Four

Happy Wednesday, beauties!

This is the the fourth and final edition of my Fall 2015 Hair Color Trend Forecast. There is no better way to end this list of hot hair colors for the colder month’s than with the cheeriest trend of them all: Pastels. Pastel hair color (or as it is sometimes referred to, “Mermaid Hair Color”) was very popular throughout the Spring/Summer months and has successfully transitioned to the cooler season. Unsurprisingly, people are just not ready to let this fun trend go away quite yet. We watched celebrities and influencers create their versions of this candy hair color; some famous fans of this hair color trend include Kylie Jenner who has been seen rocking a gorgeous sea-foam green, Julianne Hough, and Katy Perry, just to name a few.


(Kylie Jenner)

The thing I love about the progression of pastel hair color is that it has managed to go from a funky trend to a refined style statement. People are creating beautiful, elegant looks with a rainbow of these stunning hair colors. Pastels are without a doubt one of the most desired looks from my more daring, trendy clients and (unsurprisingly) one of my favorites to create. The most popular pastel hair color shades are sea-foam green, cotton candy pink, and midnight sky blue.

My favorite way to execute pastel hair color is by working with a few colors at once. Instead of doing one shade all over, I work with multiple shades to give each clients hair a little touch of something extra. Of course, like all other hair color compositions, the pastel shades chosen for each individual client need to compliment the undertones of the skin as well as the eye color. By going to a qualified master hair colorist who mixes hair color shades with precision and understands the nuances of how hair color plays with natural undertones, you can achieve a pastel hair color so gorgeous that it would make a mermaid jealous. Below are a few Pastel Hair Color looks that I created for my clients.

pastel 1


pastel 5


pastel 6


pastel 2


I’d love to hear from you: Which one of the Fall 2015 Hair Color Trends is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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