How to Maintain Your Hair While You Sleep

How to Maintain Your Hair While You Sleep

Happy November!

I honestly cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by; with the blink of an eye, the holiday season is already upon us. It seems that time has, in actuality, started to speed up which got me thinking how valuable time is and this naturally lead me to how taking too long to style your hair is a nuisance (everything leads back to hair for me- what can I say? I love what I do). Among one of my pet peeves is when you style your hair for the next day right before you go to sleep hoping that it will save you time in the morning. As you may know all too well, this tactic hardly goes as planned. In the interest of saving time (pun intended), I have put together a list that may help you preserve your hard styling work in your slumber — or at least make it easier to style the next morning:

Don’t sleep with wet hair: Sleeping with wet hair makes your hair prone to frizz and breakage which makes styling a nightmare. By sleeping with your hair wet you are, without a doubt, adding additional style time to your morning.

Elastic bands are a no-no: The elastic will put a dent in your freshly blowdried hair which, even when flat-ironed, often does not regain the original form intended. It may also have the affect of adding volume to the bottom of the hair and flattening the top (basically the opposite of what you want). Use a soft scrunchie in place of the elastic bands for more favorable results.

Use a silk or satin pillowcase: These materials are far gentler on your hair and will help prevent breakage unlike traditional pillows which exacerbate breakage. As an alternative you can also wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf before you go to sleep.

Brush your hair before you sleep: Marcia Brady was on to something- brushing your hair after a long day and lots of product will make help maintain hair health, diminish breakage, and keep your hair from being an absolute styling nightmare in the morning.

Try these techniques and let me know how they work for you in the comments below!

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