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I’d been growing my hair out for ages. literally, ages. in july 2010, i had the wild idea to chop my hair down to a pixie. then, it took four long years to get it to its most recent length. in between, i underwent the growing out process and even threw in some bangs. here is a look back at 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Since sometime in 2011, i’ve been growing my hair out with the final goal of donating it for wigs. i think it’s so noble when people can give something of themselves (besides money) to a cause that’s both heartbreaking and heartwarming. i’ve decided to send my hair to beautiful lengths, a pantene campaign that makes wigs for women with cancer out of real human hair. i can’t imagine everything these affected women go through and i don’t think i’d ever be able to unless i were in their position. but i figured, the least i could do is help them feel a little more like their beautiful selves by giving them something they don’t currently have. i can only hope that my fine little hair contributes one-fifteenth to one woman’s healthy self image (it takes between 8 and 15 donations to make a single wig).

So, last week, when i was visiting renee for a relights treatment, we got to talking about how i treat my hair and why i hadn’t cut it in so long. i wore it up often because its length was weighing down the fine strands. it was also virgin hair, since campaigns like beautiful lengths don’t accept treated hair — they have to process the donations themselves in order to make a uniform wig. when i told renee about my donation goal, i sensed a little sparkle in her eye. maybe i had enough length to donate today and we could have a full day of hair fun at the salon! she quickly found a ruler and summoned her best stylist, yuki, to measure my hair. turns out, i had just enough to send off without committing to another pixie cut. it was on!

Yuki painstakingly measured, tied back and remeasured my hair. he then swiftly chopped off 8 inches right in front of my eyes!

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