How to Rock Colorful Hair In the Workplace and Still Keep Your Job

How to Rock Colorful Hair In the Workplace and Still Keep Your Job

It’s no doubt that the rainbow hair color trend is becoming more and more mainstream on the streets, but what about at the office? As an individual, you’ll always feel better when your hair, clothes and makeup match how you perceive yourself. But can you really keep or get a job with pink hair, blue hair and green hair?

Traditional companies have started to relax about giving their employees more freedom, but being allowed to have colorful hair in the workplace comes down to a matter of office culture, perception (both your own and that of your boss or team) and styling. Here are some tips from celebrity hair colorist, Renee Taglia that she shares with her clients at her Beverly Hills Salon, on how to rock colorful hair in the workplace!

  1. Make sure the style is as polished as possible.  If you already have pink hair, green hair or blue hair, it might be beneficial to match the racy hair color with a polished hairstyle.  Try straightening your hair into a sleek frame around your face or pulling it back clean (See tip number 3!) for a more balanced look that will most likely be less distracting to your coworkers and boss.810e76e7499257eefd3414d756359d07
  1. Ensure your attire is over the top professional. If your outfit is well put together, this will also reflect your boss’ perception of your working habits.  It’s a great idea to pair a fun and edgy hair color with a sleek and stylish outfit. It’s all about balance, and this combination will most likely showcase what a confident person you are.
  1. Pull it back clean. If you’re on your way to your first interview, or even your first day on the job, it might be best to rock your hair pulled back into a clean bun or ponytail. As you begin to adjust to your new coworkers and your new work environment, you’ll more than likely be able to start experimenting with crazier hairstyles. rainbow-bun
  1. Hide the color with strategic partings. If your rainbow hair color is painted on in pieces or in sections, a good idea might be to part your hair so that the brightest colors aren’t showing as much. A cute zigzag part or side part could be the trick to making your bright hair color appear a bit more subtle while at work.
  1. Keep the makeup minimal. If your hair is already a bright color, minimal makeup will balance out your look and make it seem less challenging to the norm.
  1. Own it and don’t apologize for it. :-) This is the most important tip. You are you, and you are special! Don’t forget to rock what you’ve got and be proud of being your own unique person. Confidence is always your best accessory.

For more tips and tricks on how to get the best hair color, check out celebrity hair colorist Renee Taglia on social media or stop by the Beverly Hills hair salon for a consultation or appointment.

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