How to Detox Your Hair: The Importance of A Clean Scalp

How to Detox Your Hair: The Importance of A Clean Scalp

“Detox” is a buzzword among many celebrities, nutritionists and stylists. You may already know about detoxing your body, but did you know that it’s equally important to detox your hair too? Hair detoxing can be one of the most overlooked processes of your beauty regime. Removing toxins from your hair/body helps build your immune system and can prove to be very therapeutic!

As a Master Hair Colorist I recommend detoxing your hair every 3 months for a healthy scalp and hair. It is important to detox in order remove buildup from over the counter products that damage your hair, and of course, to keep your color beautiful. There are many harmful toxins in conventional hair products that have even been linked to health problems, so naturally, cleansing your hair is in your best (and most beautiful) interest.

Here are my Master Colorist tips on how to detox your hair:

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and just like the pores on your face, the pores of your scalp can become clogged with dirt, oil and product buildup. In the business of hair coloring, I have experimented with many products, but my favorite by far is the Wella Luxe Oil Shampoo.

sp lux oil treatment and products
Take a generous amount of shampoo and start at the nape of your neck (hair in that area tends to be the most oily) and work your way up.

More tips:
1) Try a moisturizing treatment at least once a week.
2) Lay off the heat – curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers damage and weaken your hair.
3) Go deep with a keratin treatment. Check out my blog on Three Benefits of the Keratin Hair Treatment for more info!

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