How To Become a Celebrity Hair Colorist

What’s the secret to becoming a celebrity hair colorist? A celebrity hair colorist is not your typical hair stylist for many reasons.They are the pinnacle of industry talent and are often chosen for the most high-paying beauty industry jobs. Celebrity colorists work with their famous clientele to develop the perfect color or unique look for photo shoots, red carpet events and more. Celebrity hair stylists can often end up in the spotlight themselves because of their work, and of course because of the famous people they work with. If a hair colorist is responsible for creating a major hair color change for a celebrity, there’s no doubt the magazines will cover it! Being published in magazines and featured on television can mean amazing success for a hair colorist.


Many people go into the beauty industry with the goal of becoming a celebrity hair colorist or stylist. There is no secret path to success and one rarely becomes a well known stylist overnight; but with hard work, a strong network and great branding, there’s no telling what you can accomplish.

Renee Taglia is a Master Hair Colorist who works with celebrity (and non-celebrity) clients in the Beverly Hills and Chicago areas. Throughout her career, she has developed a strong knowledge of the beauty industry. As a Wella Educator, Renee teaches individuals what it takes to make it as a hair colorist.  If your vision for a career as a hair colorist is to work with magazines and celebrities, here are some of Renee’s expert tips on how to make it happen!   

  1. Build your portfolio – No great hair stylist ever earned the right to be called “great” without proof. A portfolio is the fundamental first step to creating your success as a celebrity hair stylist. My advice is to work on as many models as you can (even for free) until you have enough strong images of your work to showcase to an agency. You can offer your services in exchange for the model’s time, and, be sure to find an amazing photographer to work with in order to get some high quality images of your work.
  2. Market yourself – The way you present yourself to the world as a hair stylist will prove to be a huge factor behind your success. It is important to develop and maintain a consistent brand image whether it’s for your social media, flyers, email marketing or even your personal Facebook feed. Somewhere someone is always watching! If you keep everything synergized and polished, your image will speak for itself.
  3. Find an agent – The stronger your portfolio and the deeper your network, the better chances you’ll have of working with the best agents. Be sure to do plenty of research on the agency and the types of artists they represent so you can prepare to impress them. A piece of advice on getting in would be to call the agency to see if they have an open call day for new talent. You can also ask to be put on as an Assistant. Once you’re on set and can prove your talent, and not to mention, people like working with you, you’ll have a better chance of booking future jobs with the agency.
  4. Keep it going – When you truly love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Success can be fleeting, and while you may be receiving press today, it won’t last forever. The more work you put in, the more results you’ll get back. Never forget that while on your journey to becoming a celebrity hair colorist. It’s all part of the adventure!


I hope this article was of help! Good luck in your career :)