Glitter Roots for Halloween!

Glitter Roots for Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner and, if you’re anything like me, you are scrambling to put together you last-minute (yet totally fabulous) costume. I’ve discovered the element that can bring your Halloween costume together perfectly- glitter roots. Glitter roots was an instant hit when photos started perking up on Instagram last December and it quickly became one of my favorite trends of last year. So when I started thinking about Halloween costumes this year, I realized that anything could be achieved if the correct glitter root is in place. Below are three different Halloween costumes you can create incorporating glitter roots.

Cleopatra: Nothing better than choosing a queen/world-class seductress as your alter ego for the night. The Queen of the Nile is surprisingly easy to recreate. First things first, this requires hair parted down the middle with gold glitter roots through the center part. I recommend keeping your hair stick-straight and adding jewels to the tips to make it look authentic. As for the outfit, I would go with a gold bodysuit (like this one). Throw on a few pieces of gold jewelry and emulate her makeup and, voila, you are good to go.

Cruella de Vil: One of my absolute favorite Disney villains because of her eccentric hair, Cruella requires a silvery-white glitter root parted to the side (best if you have dark hair). Add to it some long red gloves, a faux-fur coat, and a little black dress .

Unicorn: This little piece of magic is always a really fun costume to put together because of how creative you can get with it. I would recommend adding a touch of temporary color with the glitter root of your choice (I love this one, for example). Make sure to use shimmer and glitter around your eyes and in your makeup as well (my favorite shimmer stick is Watts Up by Benefit, followed by High Beam also by Benefit) and a pop of color on the lips. You can also get creative with your outfit by incorporating color or sticking to silver and white.

If you are inspired to do glitter roots for Halloween and you have some questions, leave them in the comments below.

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