Five Savvy Tips for protecting your Hair Color this Summer

Five Savvy Tips for protecting your Hair Color this Summer

1.) Hats- Physical protection is preferred over chemical protection when it comes to the sun, so throw on a hat. The wider the brim and thicker the material the better.  My Dermatologist sister Lauren Laurtizten would concur.

2.) Don’t Rush the Brush-  Perfunctory fast brushing of your hair can cause great damage fast.  If you’re on a time budget, drop the brush and save it for when you can mindfully brush- starting from your ends and working your way up the mid shaft finally brushing the root area.  Also, finger rake a leave-in cream EVERYtime you brush your hair.  Get in the habit of keeping your preferred hydrating cream next to your brush this way you won’t forget.  This will act as a lubricant and will make for a snap free brush stroke.  Hair Color can only look as good as its canvas.  Contact me for recommendations if needed, many “leave-in creams” contain high levels of silicone which are terrible for your color.


3.) Bring a jacket if you’re rocking a dress-  The temperature can drop pretty low in the evening and standing under a heat lamp can be enticing.  Stop, and step away from the heat lamps ladies.  These extremely hot lamps cook your outer Cuticular layer of hair- causing the strand to break down and fade your Color.  Don’t be afraid to ask a hottie for his jacket if you forgot yours.


4.) Always keep a hair tie in your handbag-  Summer time is here, and so are the pool parties.  On a hot summer day, a dip in the pool can be a great way cool off but a an even greater way to dry out your hair and dissolve your Color.  Essentially Chlorine is a high oxidizing agent that seeps through the hair into the cortex and washing away color molecules.  The cortex is where the majority of your Hair Color lives and the ONLY person entering your cortex layer of hair should be your Hair Colorist.  If jumping in the pool is a must, put your hair up and avoid going all the way under.


5.) Shower immediately after your workouts-  Summer time equals more skin which equals more time in the gym to tone it.  When you have a heavy cardio day, salt excretes your porous with sweat.  Salt again, breaks down the hair and acts an exfoliant- hence roughing your cuticle layer of hair and loosening your color.  At the very least, rinse your hair immediately after a hard workout class.
These tricks are the little things and should be practiced as often as possible for healthy Hair Color that shines all summer long.
By Renee Taglia Wella Educator

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