End of Summer Activities

End of Summer Activities

When we were children perhaps there was no greater excitement and no greater despair than the beginning and end of summer. The season of sun, fun, and no school held adventure and hope and resulted in some of our best memories. Our childhood days are long gone, but the feelings of hope and loss that come and go with summer still remain.

Now it’s almost time to say goodbye to summer 2016- it went as fast as it came, in the blink of an eye. However, there are still a few weeks left to make some amazing memories. Below is a list of my favorite summer activities that you must do before the summer officially ends.

Road trips: Pull an Elle Woods and take a mini-vacay with your best girlfriends, your one and only, or even by yourself (amazing how much it clears your head). You don’t need to do anything elaborate, it can be just two hours away from where you live. I am blessed to live in Southern California where there is a massive change in landscape just a few hours away from me. My preferred road trip destinations include Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Palm Springs, and last but definitely not least, Santa Barbara. I actually have a tradition where I stop by Bacara for a facial and massage.

Beach day: So simple, yet somehow so many of us don’t get a chance to hit the beach throughout summer. I love the beach in all its messy glory, sand, blaring sun and all. My absolute favorite place to take a beach day is the Strand in Hermosa Beach. The area is so gorgeous and has some of the most expensive real estate in Southern California.

Night pool party: On those warm evenings when the temperature is just right, there is no better (or sexier) place to be than a fun night pool party. If you were wondering what to do with that amazing one piece you bought knowing you’d never wear it, here is your chance to glam it up. I fell in love with night pool parties after attending Night Swim at the Roosevelt Hotel a few years back. No SPF needed!

What are the summer activities you are dying to do before summer ends?

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