Crazy Hair Trend: Velaterapia

Crazy Hair Trend: Velaterapia

There are no shortage of crazy trends as you may very well know- from fitness, to fashion, to nutrition, and now even hair! The latest hair care craze you may have heard about is called Velaterapia, the act of burning your hair with a candle in order to rid your strands of split-ends. At this point you are probably thinking, “But wait, aren’t we supposed avoid burning our hair?” And who could blame you, this fad seems pretty out there at first, but could it be that there is more to it?

Velaterapia first caught mass attention when Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, posted an Instagram photo of herself getting the treatment done. To begin the process, the stylist  first separates your hair into sections. Next, each section is twisted, and finally a candle flame is gently grazed up and down across the twisted sections in order to burn off the split ends and leave your hair looking shiny.

The process is said to seal the strands after burning off the split and damaged parts, leaving behind a passage of nutrients to its interior, and giving your hair a healthier appearance.It can be done on dyed or natural hair and is said to work well on all hair types. One Velaterapia treatment can take up to four hours, so if you are booking in appointment make sure you have ample time. 

This sounds like a God-send, but is it safe and does it have possible long-term negative consequences for your strands? Where safety is concerned, my suggestion is to go to a professional. One YouTube search and you’ll have about twenty DIY Velaterapia videos which I highly discourage you from trying at home. Remember that one time when you cut your own bangs and lived to regret it? Imagine that feeling and multiply by 100 and you’ll start to somewhat understand how you will feel if you do an at-home Velaterapia treatment and it goes wrong. Ouch! As far as possible long-term consequences, there is a possibility that it might weaken your hair strands by making them more vulnerable. There just may be more effective way to deal with split ends (an old fashioned trim, for example).

Would you ever try Velaterapia? Let me know if the comments below!

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