Best Caffeine Substitutes for Healthy Hair

Best Caffeine Substitutes for Healthy Hair

I absolutely love coffee and I most people I know can’t go through their day without their usual dose of caffeine. If I am not careful, however, I can overdo it with my daily intake. If you’re like me and you simply love the taste of coffee, it’s important to be conscientious of how much of it you drink because it has some serious repercussions for your skin and hair. Caffeine causes your body to lose B vitamins (among other nutrients) which are needed for healthy hair growth and strength. Below is a list of my favorite coffee substitutes that will give you the kick you need without the compromise:

Chia Seeds
I am never going to forget the first time I tried a beverage with chia seeds in it (Kombucha, to be exact). I was amazed at the intense kick of energy that I got sans the caffeine-induced shakiness and that energy remained consistent all day.
 This superfood has a rich history: the ancient Aztec warriors consumed chia seeds to maintain a consistent stream of energy, increased stamina and endurance during their long conquests.

Chia seeds create energy because they contain sky-high levels of soluble and insoluble fibers which balance blood sugar levels by promoting a slow conversion of starches to sugars. They are also a complete protein, filled with vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids; All of these components work together to create long lasting energy.
B Vitamins
It makes sense that we should supplement with B vitamins since we need them for healthy hair and skin. B vitamins boost energy, prevent fatigue, and help us maintain an overall sense of well being

An adequate level of B vitamins ensure that we get quality sleep because they play a critical role in the formation of melatonin, “the sleep hormone.” They promote optimal bodily function and a sense of calm by regulating the health of the nervous system which are all essential for inner as well as outer health. B vitamins are also essential in energy metabolism because they convert food into energy and aid in the production and release of energy into the body.

Green Juice
The ample amount of nutrients in green juice packs a high energy punch and is a powerful substitute for the morning coffee. Drinking green juice restores your body back to balance by replenishing it with a highly digestible dose of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and phytonutrients. It is also abundant in chlorophyll which helps oxygenate the blood creating increased brain function and physical energy. The amount of nutrients that you consume through green juice tremendously help the health of your hair.

What are your favorite ways to substitute coffee?

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