A Master Hair Colorist’s Top Three Tips for Restoring Hair Color and Health

As a Master Hair Colorist there is one thing that I see more often than anything else: chemically treated, damaged hair. So many of the ladies who come in for hair color consultations are wary and traumatized from a previous hair color and/or treatment experience. The story usually goes a little something like this: “I have unruly hair to begin with and I really wanted it straight on a daily basis so I did one chemical straightening treatment too many.” Another common tale, “I had black hair and needed to be blonde ASAP so I over bleached,” and it goes on and on. Can you relate? I know most of you can!

If you want healthy hair and gorgeous hair color that pops long after your salon visit, you need to start treating your hair like the living organism that it is (with the utmost care and respect!) This means being patient with drastic hair color changes, buying good, chemical-free hair care products, and being kind when styling your hair (don’t pull it, don’t brush too harshly).

Below is an episode of the AOL’s Hairapy in which I had to avert a chemically treated disaster. Watch the episode below then read on for my Top Three Tips on How to Heal a Hair Disaster:

  • Nix the flat-iron. Heat styling depletes the moisture from your hair and the biggest culprit of heat-induced damage is the flat-iron. It causes breakage, split-ends, and ultimately¬†results in faded hair color and a dull appearance for you hair. For many staying away from the flat-iron is easier said than done, but, as a master hair colorist, I strongly advise that you try to (at least) reduce flat-iron use. Stick to blowdrying or even the curling iron, but even then use a good thermal spray to protect your hair.
  • Deep conditioning treatments are your best friend. Regular deep conditioning treatments are an absolute must to nurse chemically damaged hair back to health. I recommend going to the salon one to two times a month. If you are seeking an at-home solution, try using coconut oil. Slather your hair with coconut oil (avoid roots, concentrate on tips) and leave it on for about an hour before you rinse. It will leave your hair feeling silky and your hair color shiny. Bonus points for hitting the sauna or a hot yoga class with the coconut oil in your hair as heat activates the coconut oil to work its magic on an even deeper level.
  • Go for trims every four to six weeks. It’s funny how the most basic advice that we have been hearing since we were little kids is the most valid of all. Trimming your hair stops the breakage from creeping up the shaft of the strand and destroying and stunting the growth of your hair. It is key in restoring and retaining the health of your hair.

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