4 Steps to Healthy, Shiny Hair! A Guide To Achieving Incredible Shine at Home

4 Steps to Healthy, Shiny Hair! A Guide To Achieving Incredible Shine at Home

Shiny hair means healthy hair. When your hair is broken and damaged, it will not reflect as much light and will appear less radiant. Hair glows the most when the tiny scales on the cuticle lie flat and are able to reflect back rays of light to the eye.  

Want to dazzle the crowd with your ultra-shiny locks? Celebrity Colorist Renee Taglia offers her expert advice so that you can see your hair glow like the hues of a golden sunset. Here are some tips for how to achieve healthy, shiny hair, even at home!


  1. Use a chelating shampoo to ensure to fully remove product buildup on the hair. What’s the difference between clarifying shampoo and chelating shampoo? While clarifying agents remove chemical build up on the surface of the hair, chelating agents bind with metals and minerals and remove them from the hair, which enables a more thorough rinse.  
  2. Do a cool rinse at the end of your shower. Shampoo only the scalp, condition the ends and the rest of the hair, and finish with a cool rinse. This will clean the oils, polish and moisten the strands of your hair and then condense the hair molecule (because of the cold) so your hair will hold moisture longer.
  3. Use shine products that do not contain silicones. Silicone is like putting a rain coat over your hair. It gives a sleek, shiny finish, but doesn’t allow any nutrients to penetrate into the hair shaft. The hair may appear shiny on the outside, but inside it will be dry and brittle.
  4. Do a shine treatment at the salon every 6 weeks. Consult your favorite hair colorist or take advice from Renee! As a Wella Educator and Master Colorist, she recommends stopping by the salon at least every 6 weeks to indulge in a professional shine treatment.


Renee Taglia is located in a Beverly Hills California. Contact her here for a consultation on how to discover (and keep) your perfect color.

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