3 Ways To Rock the Mint Green Hair Trend

3 Ways To Rock the Mint Green Hair Trend

From fashion and nail polish to celebrity hair color, mint green has proven to be a hue with staying power. Mint green hair is anything but subtle, and although the color seems like it matches with nothing in your closet, somehow mint green goes with everything! No matter how or where you rock this trendy hair color, you will surely turn heads.

Have you been wondering why mint green hair is so popular and want to find a way to incorporate the hair color into your own personal style? Master hair colorist Renee Taglia has recognized three celebrity-inspired ways to add mint green hair into your look. 

Dip Dye

“I love Rita Ora’s take on the color. By keeping the base blonde, her mint green dye starts at the base of her ponytail and cascades into a soft blue.  This ombre hair color effect looks great with her blue shades!”


All Over Color

“Kylie Jenner, Lena Dunham, Katie Perry and Lady Gaga have all rocked this mint green hair trend. Where pastels and pinks are pretty and soft, green is unapologetically bold. If you’re looking to make the ultimate hair statement with mint green, go big or go home!”

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 Just The Tips

“Mint Green is generally a low-commitment shade, as it can tend to wash out after a few weeks. I love how Kate Bosworth incorporated the color with soft mint green tips. It’s the prefect combination of subtle yet statement-making.”


Where does Renee find her greens?  Recently Renee took a peregrination to Scottsdale, AZ where she was completely blown away at the abundance of green within the landscapes.


From the yellow green Palm Trees to the Mauve- Green cacti in the deserts, Renee was in awe of richness in tonality. The are several shades and undertones of greens that can suit every skin tone. It’s up to the Colorist to find the perfect hue for you.


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