3 Innovative Ways To Fight Hair Static

3 Innovative Ways To Fight Hair Static
It happens to the best of us: FRIZZ and STATIC! Especially now that winter’s in full swing for most of us, slipping in and out of jackets, scarves and sweaters only seems to make it worse. Whether you’re traveling or need to get rid of a few flyaways before your next Tinder date, here are a few easy tips that are sure to conquer all hair static!
1. Products:  Try Hair Spray or Chihtsai No 12 Instant Treatment. It’s an amazing leave in. It’s smart to keep a travel-sized bottle in your hair so that whenever you’re in a bind, you can simply spritz or pump, and your hair will be back to gorgeous!
Ways To Fight Hair Static With Chihtsai No 12
2. Unconventional Fix: Dryer Sheets! Did you know that wrapping your brush or comb in a dryer sheet will help eliminate static? You can also try wiping them over your hair to get rid of those pesky fly aways. Works like a charm!
3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Lotions and any kind of added moisture, when used sparingly, are great at helping alleviate static. You can also keep a humidifier in your house to ensure that the air your hair breathes is full of moisture. Watch how magically a little moisture will cure your static woes!
I hope this post helps your eliminate static for good! Got any of your own tips on fighting static? I’d love to know what they are! Feel free to leave me a message in the comments :)


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