City Vibes Through Hair Color

City Vibes Through Hair Color

As many of you know, I do a lot of traveling; in my opinion, traveling is the best education that you can give yourself, and it is quite possibly the only thing you pay for that actually makes you wealthier. I travel a lot for my work as a Master Hair Colorist and try to get away as much as I can when I can take a rare vacation.

One of my favorite things about my travels is that each city- with it’s beauty, culture, and nuance- inspires my work. Every single city has a distinct vibe and, being a Master Hair Colorist, I automatically translate that vibe into hair styles and colors. Lately, my mind has been on foreign travels, the feelings I get when I go to the different cities, and what how these feelings translate into hair colors and styles. Below are three cities and what hair colors I associate with them.

Paris: Parisian ladies are masters of effortless chic; As a matter of fact, they pretty much define what that means. They are relaxed, easy-going, and confident without trying too hard. As far as hair color is concerned, Paris screams Balayage. Much like the city’s inhabitants, the artistic and intuitive process of creating the perfect Balayage breeds results that look absolutely effortless. When the Balayage is done correctly it should looks like that is how your hair naturally is.

Rome: As an Italian I am partial to all things Italy. Italians are known for their unapologetic sex appeal and a high degree of va-va-voom. For me, the hair color that represents Italy is a rich Espresso Brown (almost as rich as the espresso in Italy). Long, voluminous brunette locks reminds me of the confident Italian women whose beauty I grew up admiring.

London: My absolute favorite with it’s gothic architecture and gray and dreary days- this is a city with pulse. There is a sense of sophistication in London that I haven’t found anywhere else in the world. When I think of London in terms of hair, I always picture a sleek, Jet Black, and straight- the ultimate sophistication. To pull of this look there definitely needs to be a little bit of fierce attitude and a don’t-mess-with-me demeanor.

Which city has your favorite unique style?

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