Curly Hair Hack: How to Reduce Styling Time

Curly Hair Hack: How to Reduce Styling Time

Today’s tips are useful for us all, but they are especially life-changing for the girls with the curls (I promise that was my last attempt at rhyming in this article). Anybody will tell you that curls are absolutely beautiful, buoyant, vibrant and just plain fun, that is anybody will tell you this as long as they don’t have curly hair. I think my curly-haired clients are crazy for thinking the grass-is-greener on the other side, but admittedly it is quite the task to keep curls looking good if you don’t know how to effectively do so. It takes forever to style and is usually susceptible to weather conditions much more so than straight hair. Below are my favorite tips on how to cut styling time in half for all the curly girlies so they can stop stressing and start enjoying their gorgeous hair.

When it comes to blowdrying your hair, technique matters: Technique for a blow dry starts with the shampoo, make sure that you aren’t over or under washing your hair because that can be detrimental to your styling experience. After you have washed all the product out of your hair, do a quick cool rinse before you step out of the shower. Next, towel dry your hair gently because harshness and friction will cause your hair to frizz. When applying styling product, make sure that it is distributed evenly throughout your hair. Blow dry from the roots to the ends and make sure the nozzle is pointing downward as this will help minimize frizz.

Your conditioner should be so good that it makes you want to sing its praises from rooftops (no exaggeration): I can’t stress the importance of a excellent conditioner enough! If hair is improperly conditioned with a poor product, it will be extremely difficult to style and pretty much impossible to style WELL. Conditioner provides your hair with moisture, makes it easy to brush, and allows it to be more pliable. My absolute favorite is Inphenom’s Superior Treatment Effect– Inphenom is an amazing product line in general, but this product in particular truly embodies the word Superior.

A satin pillow case makes all the difference: My curly-haired clients often complain that bed-head as a curly girl is no joke because you wake up to frizzy, tangled, unmanageable hair. Fortunately, there is a simple solution- a satin pillow case! Yes, this may be a splurge, but when you think about the time and headache it saves, you will realize that it’s totally worth it. The satin fabric doesn’t pull your hair as much which eliminates frizz and (bonus) split ends.

If you have curls, are there any other tips you recommend for lessening the burden of styling? Leave your recommendations and any questions in the comments below.

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