24 Hour Hair Color

24 Hour Hair Color

“It all happened 2 weeks ago. A client of mine was traveling in Hawaii when she got a call from her agent.  She was landing in LA that evening at 9pm, and the producers wanted to see her for a 9am audition the next morning.

She called me in a panic. Her usually stunning auburn red hair color had been bleached by the Hawaiian sun and her signature red was integral to the character she was auditioning for. She landed at 9, and by 11 pm she was in my chair getting her much needed touch-up. Her color looked absolutely perfect for her audition just a few hours after her color was complete. And, she booked the role. ” ;)

Whether you’re going on vacation or celebrating a birthday, or have a total hair emergency, Renee Taglia’s new 24-Hour Hair Color Service is all you need to put your best self forward! Perhaps you want to try #sunsethair before your next Caribbean cruise or experiment with #glitterroots before your bachelorette party. Renee Taglia is more than equipped to follow the hair color trends and treatments, she’s creating them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Renee knows that her clients operate on many other levels than the 9-5. Her new 24-hour hair color service breaks the mold of your everyday salon, and celebrates creativity every waking hour. It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy mom or a career gal on the go, your hair will never have to suffer a day with her expert skills on call 24/7.


Renee Taglia, Master Hair Colorist


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